Hayden :: Newborn session

Last week I met up with my gorgeous best friend to photograph her newborn daughter, Hayden, as well as her adorable family! We snuck in a few family photos in their back yard and then captured newborn photos of Hayden inside their home. It was also her daughter Avery’s 2 year birthday recently so we were able to snag just a few of her as well.

Documenting families as they grow is such a joy and to be able to do it for one of my best friends is even more sweet <3


Hayden :: Newborn session Hayden :: Newborn Session


Family Beach Session

Last week I met up with my friend Jerrica’s family at the cottage they rent every year on Lake Michigan. This is my Third year photographing their family while they stay at the cottage and it is so much fun to see the family grow each year. This family beach session is something I look forward to every single summer and I can’t wait to see how much they have changed by next year!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the evening, enjoy!

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Holland, MI Family Session

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph a family in Holland, MI. I have been photographing Mia & her son Skyler since I started my business 4 years ago and I always look forward to photographing them every year! Skyler is such a great kid and I always have so much fun working with them. This year we also added Mia’s Boyfriend Louis to the fun as well, including some awesome photos of just him & his bike.

Please enjoy this preview from their session!

Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session Holland, MI Family Session

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Family & Kids :: 2016 Year in Review

In 2016 I had the opportunity to photograph many families and kids! I don’t specialize in any one type of photography, which I really enjoy because I love being able to dabble in everything. Family & kids are obviously very important parts of peoples lives and so much fun to capture the relationships between a family. Each type of session is special in its own way and fun for different reasons so I love that I am able to experience all different sorts of situations.

One thing I love about photographing families is being able to sometimes step back and just photograph them just interacting together. My favorite images are always the ones that are not posed and that just happened. Moms looking at their babies with so much love in their eyes. A Dad showing a dragonfly to his boys (look through the images and find that one! Its definitely one of my favorite 2016 images!). Its just fun to photograph families laughing and having fun together.

When photographing families, it is my hope that I am able to photograph real interactions. Yes, I will do the posed photos, but its my hope that I am able to just be able to photograph and focus on the love shared. My style isn’t very posed and I don’t spend a lot of time making each perfectly spaced. I know that families are beautifully imperfect, and I hope my photos in some way reflect that.

This year I photographed 40+ families or kids and I am so excited to see what 2017 has in store! I pray I have the chance to photograph these families again as well as meet many new families and kids as well.

Family & Kids :: 2016 year in review Family & Kids :: 2016 year in review Family & Kids :: 2016 year in review



Whitman Family

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Aukeman Family

This past weekend I met up with the Aukeman Family at KP Tree & Nursery in Allendale for their extended family session. After all of the nice warm days we had this summer, I was hoping that would be the case for their session, but unfortunately we were met with breezy and cold conditions instead. I am just thankful for no rain! When family comes from out of state for Christmas, rescheduling is not really an option.

They were all troopers though and endured the less than pleasant conditions. I could not have asked for a better group of people to end my 2015 year with! They were all so incredibly kind and fun to work with, even with the cold and the wind!

So a huge Thank you to this amazing family for being such wonderful people and an absolute joy to work with! And Thank You to KP Tree & Nursery for allowing us to use your tree farm for the perfect photo location.

Please enjoy this quick preview!

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Van Dyke Family

One of my favorite places to go when doing family photos is the home of that family. For the Van Dyke family photos I couldn’t imagine doing them anywhere else. This is the home they built together, and where they raised their kids. Now their kids are all grown but its still a place where they all come back to and consider home.

It was a pretty cold day for photos, but the freshly fallen snow was so gorgeous. I am thankful to have been able to spend just a little time with this incredible family, and I am so excited to share a preview of their session with you!

P.S. what makes family photos even better is when the animals get involved! Enjoy!



Caroline :: 6 Months

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Busscher Family

Just over a week ago I met up with the Busscher family at Van Raalte Farm for their family session. What a fun family! I had such a great time spending time with them and capturing these photos. There were many laughs shared and love shown. We were even able to get some photos done with their adorable dog!

It was such a blessing to be able to get to know the Busscher family and to be able to photograph them. I am thankful for the opportunity I am given to meet such wonderful people. I am so excited to share this session with you and I hope you enjoy this preview!

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Amelia :: Newborn

My good friends Jake & Nikki welcomed their daughter, Amelia, to the world a little over a week ago and I had the joy of photographing some of her first moments! What an absolute honor it is to be able to capture such beautiful memories for people I care about. I want to just share some of my favorite images from the day she was born, to the day we did her newborn photos at her home. There is so much love in my heart for this precious family and I am so excited to share these moments with you!

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