Glamour Shots Photo Shoot Fundraiser

Last week Thursday I had the absolute joy and honor to participate in a “Glamour Shots” Photo Shoot Fundraiser to help raise money for my coworker at Septembers Bride, Rachel, and her Husband so they can start a family by either adoption or fertility treatment. If you would like to read more about the cause, please go check out their facebook page, !

It was so incredibly fun! Everyone was able to get their hair and makeup done by amazing girls! Becky Lemmen, Rachel’s sister, and Christi Windemuller did everyone’s hair and Natalie from Profiles by Design did everyone’s make up. They did such a great job! We accessorized the ladies with gorgeous pieces by MEG Jewelry and then they had a quick 20 minute mini session with me! I loved getting to know all of these beautiful ladies, it was truly an honor to be a part of such a fun fundraiser for an incredible couple.

Here are some of my Favorite shots from the night!

_MG_0757 _MG_0759 _MG_0766 _MG_0809 _MG_0840 _MG_0852 _MG_0859 _MG_0871 _MG_0882 _MG_0906 _MG_0908 _MG_0952 _MG_0964 _MG_0985 _MG_0997 _MG_1032 _MG_1060 _MG_1078 _MG_1108 _MG_1115 _MG_1120 _MG_1134 _MG_1137 _MG_1141 _MG_1154 _MG_1164 _MG_1169 _MG_1174 _MG_1179

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